About pharmaceutical chemistry:

A scientific discipline that combines chemistry and pharmacology with the aim of designing and developing new pharmaceutical compounds. Pharmaceutical chemistry is a unique branch that deals in the study and development of new chemical compounds to suit different therapeutic uses:
In an attempt to increase its therapeutic effect and decrease its side effects, a lot of chemical and technical techniques are experimented and applied , a special study of the drugs used and their biological effects is also an important and significant part of the subject.


The pharmaceutical chemistry branch was established with an aim that includes teaching the various chemistry sciences related to pharmacy and to direct and support the research ultimately leading to expert candidates who are efficient in their field of pharmaceuticals.


Pharmaceutical chemistry is a unique blend of the physical and biological sciences.
The department's mission is to provide students with a broad and diversified scientific background, as well as an integrated and creative study programme. Areas that are focused broadly upon include drug design and discovery, organic preparation of medicinal and pharmaceutical elements, study of inorganic compounds and their medicinal and pharmaceutical benefits, among various other areas.


The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch teaches and trains in various branches of chemistry over the five years of initial study, as follows:
Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Advanced Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

Department Staff

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