Overview and vision:

The vision and mission of the College of Pharmacy

Excellence in pharmaceutical education and training and scientific research directed to the development of customized pharmaceutical services
To serve the patient and the community at the local, regional and international levels.


Preparing distinguished and expert female pharmacists by adopting the higheststandards in pharmaceutical education and training, and upgrading
With scientific and applied pharmaceutical research, which contributes to the development of pharmaceutical services directed at serving the patient
and society at the local, regional and international levels.


The college thrives in an effort to achieve the following goals:
1. Providing the local, regional and international market with academically qualified, scientifically qualified, and highly professional female pharmacists.
2. Develop pharmaceutical services, and participate in health activities in a way that contributes to improving health care
3. Encouraging faculty members to conduct innovative scientific and applied pharmaceutical research that contribute to the development of
Clinical pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical industry and community service at the local, regional and international levels.
4. Providing female students with the capabilities, qualifications and skills that enable them to pursue their higher studies in the various fields of
5. Providing and developing continuing pharmaceutical educational programs and expanding professional interaction with pharmacists.
6. Developing the process of pharmaceutical education and training through continuous improvement and updating of curricula and
scholastic programs.
7. Preparing and training the faculty members to carry out their educational and research tasks.
8.Skill development of the administrative staff and the college staff.
9. Effective Communication with students and meeting the needs of the beneficiaries of pharmaceutical services.
10. Supporting the quality management system for pharmaceutical education.
11. Supporting extracurricular activities to build a distinctive student personality.

Core values:
.Total quality
.Upgrading knowledge
.Ethics and scientific honesty
.Development and modernization
.Universal thinking
.Creativity and innovation
.Encouraging scientific research
.Self-learning and continuing education

Department Staff

 أ.د. وفاء فوزي.

م. زينب عبد الرضا


   م.م رسل مهدي


م.م ساره سمير


م.د.مظفر سامي 


   م.م فاطمة محمد سعيد