Summarized About the Department:

Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department:
The department was established in 2019 and was merged with the pharmaceutics department based on the college’s need. And then was created separately in 2023 with the expansion of female student’s number and reaching an advanced stage, (fourth stage now).


Educating and training female students with modern and distinctive curricula and ensuring the delivery of scientific information and the clinical laboratory process by satisfying the graduates of the college with the special sciences included in the department, and graduating female students with scientific competence who are able to analyze and diagnose diseases according to medical laboratory results and enable them to realize and apply all modern techniques in the medical diagnosis laboratory field.


Qualifying scientifically distinguished female students in the clinical laboratory sciences field, enabling them to conduct laboratory diagnosis, and contributing to the development of a set of teaching plans that focus on establishing laboratory skills accordance to the vision of college and department in high-quality clinical service, following the latest scientific methods, distinguished researches, and laboratories equipped with the latest modern equipment. Graduating a generation capable of training, supervising and managing clinical laboratories.


1. The department is interested to teaching of Biochemistry, Clinical chemistry, Pathophysiology, Histology, Microbiology, and Anatomy, as well as supporting sciences (Mathematics, Biostatistics, Computer science, and Medical physics).
2. Training and qualifying female students to work with the necessary skills on advanced diagnostic devices.
3. Training female students to conduct medical laboratory analyzes.

The department includes the following scientific laboratories:
1. Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory
2. Pathophysiology Laboratory
3. Biology and microbiological laboratory
4. Histology Laboratory
5. Computers Laboratory
6. Medical Physics Laboratory
7. Anatomy Laboratory